Minority Health Coalition of Grant County, Inc. 


Welcome to Minority Health Coalition of Grant County, Inc.

Our Mission

To reduce the incidence of major preventable causes of death in the minority community and to empower the community to lead healthier lifestyles through education, advocacy and leadership.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to improve the health status of racial and ethnic populations, especially those of vulnerable populations. 

Our History

The Minority Health Coalition of Grant County, Inc. began as a grass roots organization and has been in existence since June 1995. the Coalition is an affiliate of the Indiana Minority Health Coalition of Indianapolis, IN. Since its' inception the Coalition has provided several programs and services to the Grant County area.  These programs and services are funded through the IMHC but also depend on financial support from the community and participation from community members.  The Staff and Board of Directors have worked hard through the years to promote healthier lifestyles and eliminate minority health disparities. 

Our Team


Reggie Lipscomb

Board Chair

Reggie Lipscomb has served as the Board Chair for the

 Minority Health Coalition Board of Directors since February 2021. Since that time, he has actively ensured the Coalition is adhering to the completion of the mission at hand.  We are excited to see the work he will accomplish in the days and years ahead.

Reverend Tanya E. Smith

Executive Director

Rev Tanya E. Smith has served as the director for 23 years. Her tenacity to improve the healthcare of the minority community has brought about change for those who are marginalized and those who are in need of quality healthcare in this community. We are proud of the accomplishments of our director and look forward to her serving many more years with the Coalition. 

Joselyn Whitticker

Tobacco Coordinator

Joselyn Whitticker has served since February 2021 as the Tobacco Coordinator for the Coalition and has done exceptional work in this community to prevent the use of and educate on the harmful effects of tobacco. She has a strong heart for our youth in this community as she sees the potential of their great leadership for the future and a protective heart for the adults. She is prepared to lead the charge in stomping out tobacco and its harmful effects. 

Current Board Members

Roxzann Weaver            Treasurer

Arletha Smith                  Secretary

Scott Murphy

Venu Oddiraju 

Darryl Jackson​