Minority Health Coalition of Grant County, Inc. 



Diabetes Self Management

Our diabetes management program provides a comprehensive study to help individuals understand the signs and symptoms of diabetes and learn how to properly manage the symptoms of diabetes. Weight control is also a part of this program. 

Operation Fit Kids

Operation Fit Kids is a program geared toward physical activity to help parents and youth from 4th grade to teen age.  Parents and youth learn the importance of exercise and eating healthy foods.  

Health Presentations

Our health presentations range from heart disease and stroke, cancer, mental health and other illness that effect our lifestyles.  These presentations help us become aware of the signs and symptoms, risk factors and other information such as when to call 911 etc.  We will gladly come to your group and facilitate various health presentations to educate and promote healthier lifestyles.  Just simply call our office today.

Free Blood Screenings/Health fairs

We provide blood screenings to the community free of charge.  Blood pressure, glucose screenings, cholesterol, weight, BMI and A1c screenings.  These screenings are offered during our programs as well.

Research Activities

Our research activities help us determine needs in the community via surveys and focus groups.  We also facilitate town hall meetings to gather the community together for specific emerging health issues within the community.

Tobacco Prevention

Our tobacco program provides a variety of activities to help the community become aware of the harmful effects of smoking, vaping and any other substances that are tobacco related that can result in  higher risk factors for heart disease, stroke , diabetes and a wide range of other preventable illness.

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